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 - Gym teacher has a huge smile looking at that littl



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    IT'S A TRAP!
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    "Hi kids, I'm Mr. Green, your new gym teacher. Your old gym teacher, Mr. Sandusky got fired for doing some nasty things..."
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    I actually have this book. Basically, the kids think the teacher is going to be some monstrous thing from the black lagoon (think Murdoc crossed with Russel) but really he's just some teacher from the next state over. I'm aussie BTW so I don't really know much about US geography so correct me if I'm wrong about that. Also, square dancing... there is a lot of square dancing
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    Hey kids! I am your new gym teacher! Just so you know, I am TOTALLY not a pedophile. Now for your first day, I think we should play my VERY special version of leap frog. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Gym teacher has a huge smile looking at that little boy taking a shower naked

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